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These guidelines are subject to change and all risks are subject to underwriting approval. Deal subject to the property being in overall good condition and an appraisal done by one of our approved appraisers to confirm the value of the property.

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  • Available 7 days a week
  • Quickest closings in the industry
  • Rentals ok
  • No GDS/TDS Threshold
  • Same day commitments possible
  • Funding in 3-5 business days
  • Servicing all across Ontario
  • Soon to be lending in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia


Rates and Terms

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Starting from:

  • 1st mortgage – 8.49% (0-1 year term) and 2.5% lender
  • 2nd mortgage – 10.99% (0-1 year term) and 3.0% lender
  • Lender fees to be deducted from proceeds – starting at a minimum of $1500 (ranging from 2.5% to 5%)


  • Loan size – $50k and up
  • All loans are interest only
  • Max LTV:
    • 80% LTV for Ontario
    • 80% LTV for Residential Single Detached
    • 75% LTV for Townhouse
    • 70% LTV for Condos
    • 65% LTV for Commercial
    • 60% LTV for Construction (Term – Maximum 12 months)
    • 50% LTV Land
  • Term – Maximum 12 months
  • Open term on a 3-month interest penalty
  • We (may) service the property tax account so this will be subject to a 3-month tax holdback and a $200.00 tax admin. fee (unless these are collected through the first mortgage)
  • Title insurance: Required, and paid for by borrower

Commercial (addition to the above):

  • Personal Guarantee may be required for some commercial loans.
  • L.A./I.L.R.: Borrower to have I.L.A./I.L.R


Documents for Submission

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  • Full detailed synopsis of the client and the reason for the loan
  • CWF Group Mortgage Application Form or Expert Filogix application
  • 2 IDs (as per Mortgage Application) (not expired)
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement (when were the properties purchased, the purchase price of the property)
  • All current mortgage (lender, rate & terms) or payout statements (any mortgage in arrears)
  • Property insurance binder
  • Property tax certificate
  • Utility bills
  • Credit Report
  • Source of down payment and proof

Send to: mortgages@cwfgroup.com


Required Documents after Approval

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Thank you kindly for this submission. We will at one point require the items listed below.  Should you not be in receipt of these items at this time, please and kindly work on acquiring same. These items will allow for a quick and smooth process.  Please forward any / all supporting documentation to mortgages@cwfgroup.com. Someone will contact you once they complete the initial review to discuss your approval.

  • Title search upon approval to minimize delays e.g. handle any deficiencies on title like any judgments.
  • Signed Mortgage Commitment (with all required fees)
  • Signed PAD form with the copy of VOID cheque
  • Arrears Statements/Lawyer Statements
  • Appraisal from an IQInvest MIC approved appraiser (appraisal should be addressed to IQInvest MIC or CWF Group Mortgages Inc.)
  • Confirmation of employment and income verification:
  • Letter of employment
  • 2 current pay stubs
  • Business For Self Employed confirmation:
  • NOA & T1 General (NOA to check to see if there is any tax owing)
  • 6-12 months bank statements (Most recent) confirming cash flows
  • If the loan amount is greater than $50k:
    • Borrowers’ lawyer information is required


Whatever mortgage financing you require, we are your partner for mortgage solutions.