Ruijie (Richard) Liu, BBA


C: 647.402.0703
O: 1.888.CWF.8040
F: 416.493.7349

Who Am I?

I am a conservative senior financial consultant, utilizing all my education and career experience to help manage your wealth.  My commitment to my clients starts with the very first meeting.  Through an in-depth discussion, I will help you determine your personal financial goals and needs.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Clients deserve an honest, hard-working, motivated individual to manage and preserve their wealth.  I love helping people and love what I do every day.  I get great satisfaction when I am able to assist folks in distress to feel trust again in a relationship.  Over the years, I have developed my approach to wealth management based on three core business beliefs:

  1. Each client is unique and deserves a unique strategy to fit their needs – I have the entire lineup of financial vehicles for clients, finding the best fit for each individual is my key to success.  I don’t take clients out of their comfort zone
  2. All portfolios are managed based on an agreed asset allocation, which can include all three-asset classes – cash, bonds and equities.
  3. Most clients do not understand what they own and I believe it is my job to help them feel comfortable with their investments.

Who Have I Done This For?

Confidentiality is one of the qualities that I feel is key to building trust in a relationship. My clientele includes professionals, entrepreneurs and great people like you.  Understanding my own challenges in balancing career, family and time management enables me to understand the challenges we all face. Many of my clients are retirees looking to preserve their wealth, increase their after-tax income and maintain their retirement lifestyle.  We also work together to establish an estate plan.

What Makes Me Different?

CWF Group Inc. is Canada’s leading full service financial brokerage firm.  Clients have trusted me with their hard earned money – I take that responsibility very seriously.  My ongoing commitment to my key values – responsibility, integrity and service helps me to stand out in the crowd!