Q?What is CWF VIP Card?

CWF VIP Card is CWF Group’s loyalty program providing current and former clients, employees and members with discounts and deals at various retail and restaurant locations across Canada.

Q?How does CWF VIP Card work?

Clients, employees  and/or members show their CWF VIP Card at participating locations to receive instant savings every time they shop.  Offers vary by participating partner locations; the most common offers are 10-15% off.

Make sure you sign the back of your card.  Merchants will not accept the card if it is not signed.

Q?What kind of discounts can I get with the CWF VIP Card?

CWF VIP Card discounts and deals vary from 10-15% off regular or sale priced merchandise.  Offers vary by participating businesses and some restrictions do apply.  Consult our directory or check our partners page for complete list of participating locations, discounts, deals and offers.

Q?Do I have to be a client or an employee to use the CWF VIP Card?

CWF VIP Card is an exclusive (former or current) client, employee and member membership program.  Members may be asked to provide valid ID in order to be eligible to receive applicable savings.  Merchant locations have the right to refuse any discounts if ID is not shown.

Non Members may not use the CWF VIP Card on behalf of the card owner, the card member must be present and ONLY the member’s items are eligible for applicable discounts.

Q?Where can I use my CWF VIP Card?

Members can use their CWF VIP Card at over 100 national retail chains, restaurants and local retailers coast-to-coast.  CWF VIP Card is accepted at hundreds of locations across Canada.  Plus, there are hundreds of local stores specific to your area offering you additional cool savings.  Support your local businesses and visit them today.  Consult your CWF VIP Card directory or click here for a complete list.

Q?Does the CWF VIP Card have an expiry date?

Your CWF VIP Card does not have an expiry date.  Once a member , always a member.

Q?When making a purchase with my CWF VIP Card, do I have to show my ID?

CWF VIP Card merchants have the right to ask for ID to ensure that the person using the card is the member.  If you cannot provide a valid ID, your discount may be refused.

Q?Can I share my CWF VIP Card?

NO.  CWF VIP Cards may not be shared and are non-transferable.

Terms of Use: Card sharing is strictly prohibited and constitutes fraud.  Any cardholder who shares their CWF VIP Card will have their privileges revoked.  In addition, CWF VIP Card partners have the right to seize a card if it is used by someone:

  • Other than the person whose signature appears on the back of the card
  • Who is not a current or former client and/or employee
Q?What to do if my CWF VIP Card is lost or stolen?

CWF VIP Card does not replace lost or stolen cards.

Q?Can I return my CWF VIP Card?

If you have questions concerning the use or the conditions of the CWF VIP Card, email us at vip@cwfgroup.com.

Q?What happens if I move to another province in Canada?

CWF VIP Card is valid across Canada regardless of which province the card was purchased in.  Visit our partners section for a complete list of participating retailers in your area.

Q?What is a Elite CWF VIP Card?

The Elite CWF VIP Card is a limited edition promotional card for current and/or former employees.  They are not for sale.