Q?Why choose CWF Group?

We are experienced, licensed independent brokers who endeavor to provide you with professional financial services.  Because we don’t place business exclusively through a single company, you can be assured that your interests and needs will come first.

Top 10 Reasons to choose CWF

  1. You will get professional unbiased advice.
  2. Your plan will be customized specifically for you.
  3. We will save you time and money by comparing all the plans in the market for you.
  4. You will work will some of the top financial experts in the industry.
  5. You will receive a FREE CWF VIP Card and be granted membership to our exclusive loyalty benefit program.  For more info click here.
  6. A dedicated support team will assist you during claim time.
  7. We will exceed your expectations.
  8. We speak through clarity.  And through clarity we will establish trust.
  9. We will walk you through all the necessary paperwork making the process as seamless and as trouble free as possible.
  10. Because we know every client is important.  Because we know you are important.
Q?Will I find the same product for less through another quote service, advisor or broker?

No.  Since the policy prices are set by companies and not advisors, these prices are fixed for a policy with all the same features.  If you find a plan with a different price than one you’ve been quoted, you may be looking at a different risk class.  To ensure you receive an accurate quote, CWF licensed advisors gather information on your health and lifestyle before determining your risk class.  That’s why it’s important that you answer all questions honestly.

Q?How do we serve our clients?

At CWF Group, we take the time to listen to you in order to fully disclose your financial needs and to better advise you so we can establish a lasting relationship based on trust. To us, each client is important; therefore, we ensure respect, quality services and discretion toward our clients.

Q?What is our philosophy?

We want to help you with the financial protection that you deserve. Whether it is family protection, education and retirement saving we are always here to help. At the same time, our priority focus is to help you minimizing your tax liabilities while investing towards your financial freedom.

All of our financial professionals follow a code of sound business practices to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and confidentiality through the services we provide.

Q?If I take out an insurance plan in Canada and later move to an international location would the insurance coverage still be valid internationally?

Yes, your coverage would remain in-force as long as the policy is paid to date.  The claim would still be valid and the funds would be paid out in Canadian dollars assuming all the initial application questions were answered correctly.

Q?How can I benefit from using your services if I currently own a business?

Many business owners frequently don’t center their attention on long-term planning and often forget about this when running their company on a daily basis.

At CWF Group, our trained professionals are able to provide help to business owners to manage their wealth and maximize their growth. We also provide employee benefit plans, group insurance, tax and estate planning, and compensation plans for key individuals of your company.

We have effective strategies to release retained earnings for your retirement in a tax efficient manner and help you defer your taxes. Our team will help provide you with the right approaches to arrange a buy sell agreement for your company, family wealth equalization, business succession, and key man insurance.

Q?What is our approach?

Our approach to insurance for our customers is simple.  We first take the time to fully understand your financial and personal circumstances then together we work with you to insure that you have the best possible coverage to meet your needs.  Most importantly we do this whilst being mindful of your budget restrictions and what other insurance coverage and assets you have available in the event of a claim for personal insurances.  Unlike many risk management solutions CWF Group work with you from start to finish to ensure that the coverage selected is the right coverage for you.  CWF Group will also be there in the event of a claim and assist you through the entire process of accessing benefits., unlike providers.

Q?How can I benefit from your services if I am a professional?

Professionals are usually their own drivers in the creation of their wealth and income. Their jobs often times involve many risks and issues and we know this. Our trained professionals have the tools to manage these risks and provide an individualized plan for you.

We specialize in:

  • Serving health care professionals such as doctors and dentists
  • Providing individualized disability, critical illness, and life insurance packages for the start of their careers
  • Hosting seminars regularly to provide new health care graduates the needed information about these specialized packages that we offer
  • Guiding health care professionals as they continue their career advancement and incorporate their own company
  • Effective strategies to release your retained earnings so that you will have income for retirement
  • Deferring taxes in the proper manner
Q?How can I get in contact with a financial professional at CWF Group?

Congratulations on making a responsible decision to protect your loved ones and enhancing your financial future!

At CWF Group we make getting a quote simple.  All you have to do is: call us toll-free at 1-888-CWF-8040, e-mail info@cwfgroup.com or complete our booking appointment form here.

We have friendly licensed advisors who would be happy to speak with you – at no obligation – to discuss options, and to help answer any questions that you may have or provide any information you need to make a decision.