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How Do We Manage Your Investments?

CWF Group believes that to be a successful long-term investor, it is critical to have an investment strategy that can be followed through thick and thin, bull market and bear markets, exuberating times and times of crisis.  For that reason, CWF Group’s investment philosophy is based on what is most important for you and your personal circumstances.  CWF Group believes there are five key concepts to successful investing and creating long-term wealth:

  • Construct an individually tailored investment portfolio that is specific to an investor’s tolerance for risk, time horizon, and financial goals.  At CWF Group, we create an Investment Plan for each and every one of our clients.
  • Having the right asset mix is critical.  Asset Allocation (the mix of shares, bonds, fixed interest, property and other investments) is, by far, the most important decision an investor makes.  Historically this has proven to determine more than 90% of an investor’s performance over time.
  • Diversification works to reduce investment risk.  In the short term, the financial markets are difficult, if not impossible to predict.  However, historically, in the long-run, equity have offered one of the best opportunities for financial gain.  Combining multiple asset classes that have historically experienced dissimilar return patterns across various financial and economic environments can reduce risk.  As the world’s economies and financial markets continue to evolve investing globally can also expand an investor’s opportunity set.  With the Canadian investment market representing less than 2% of the world financial markets, it is an area that needs to be given consideration in all well diversified portfolios.
  • Focus on controlling costs and tax-efficiency to save the investor money.  The often higher costs and tax-inefficiency of actively managed funds costs investors’ money.
  • Maintain discipline and focus on your financial and life’s goals.  Having an investment process that is based on many years of financial services experience combined with fundamental analysis helps prevent making emotionally driven and ill-timed investment decisions.  CWF Group will make adjustments to a client’s investment portfolio based on changes in their life and rebalance periodically to keep the portfolio aligned with both their financial goals and risk tolerance.

CWF Group lends clarity to these questions and so many more.  To find out more click here to speak with one of our specialist.